Jan 30, 2012

What motivate me?

Working in GCS for many years, I found some facts about GCSers at the moment. When you first join GCS
  • You don't know what should you do, still being with the university mindset or previous company.
  • Be assigned into a project and keep working daily.
  • You found that when you need to submit leave form go to QMS and only for leave form.
  • You don't know the requirement for your current role (i.e. Engineer). - If you know that it's still very ambiguous because it's not example specific and there's no mapping into your daily work.
  • CP4 is something really interested but HOW can you do that?
  • What motivate you to do good job? Salary?
  • Yes, everything is very confuse and you'll need a good leader to guide you :)

I think to solve this:
  • When a person first join GCS, we should have someone describe on their current role, the requirement for that role, who is his/her mentor, who will he/she report to, list of tools/resources that available to his/her job (Wiki?).
  • If he/she joins a project, the project should have a Getting Start Wiki so that everyone can know where to go and what should they do in project.

There's an issue with current EMB hiring model, that the new hired resource might not join a project but for a resource pool. For this we might think about R&D project, I think we should create an "Open Source department" so that,
  • we improve open-source project which is mostly used by us i.e. Android, Beagleboard, or some other open-source libraries...
  • the employee join this model can gain knowledge on specific library which can help him in his future work
For senior engineer, with current development environment inside GCS, we currently don't have a correct model/workflow yet so
  • if we developed on, we should collect all senior and teach them that new workflow so that they can follow up like orientation for new employee.
  • they've long lived so mindset might different from new one, motivation might be missing already :)
  • ask them HOW!
  • re-evaluate their skill so that we can match them with new model.

Is it true for you and your current work?

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