Jan 10, 2012

Valgrind XYZ

To understand how things work, this is how valgrind starts up:

  - The valgrind launcher (/usr/bin/valgrind) is run.
  - The launcher decides which tool you want execs it to
    replace the launcher.
  - The tool binary loads at a high address then acts as
    an ELF loader and loads the target program into the
    same process, using LD_PRELOAD to try and inject a
    small amount of code into it.

Run "ld --verbose" to see the default linker script, and note the line
   . = 0x08048000 + SIZEOF_HEADERS;
This is the problem.  ld estimates SIZEOF_HEADERS, and sometimes guesses
low by 1 Elf32_Phdr (or by 2 in extremely rare cases).  A workaround is
to capture the default linker script "ld --verbose >script.lds", delete
the header and trailer lines [delimited by '====='], change the initial
address to ". = 0x08048000 + 52 + 8*32;" where 52 is sizeof(Elf32_Ehdr)
and 32 is sizeof(Elf32_Phdr), then use the resulting script to replace 
the default: "ld -T script.lds ..."
Here are some things to do:
o Study the info pages that come with ld.
  See ld.info, Node: Builtin Functions, SIZEOF_HEADERS. 
o Compare the elf linker scripts (probably in
  /usr/i486-suse-linux/lib/ldscripts/ on your system) against standard
  ones.  eg. from ftp.varesearch.com/pub/support/hjl/binutils/  If they
  are different, try the standard scripts.
o Delete SIZEOF_HEADERS from your linker script, and replace with a fixed
  number.  Try 1024.
o If all this fails, post a bug report to binutils@sourceware.cygnus.com

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