Dec 30, 2007

Three most important things that improve code quality

Here is three most important things that improve code quality
  1. Developer testing
  2. Developer testing
  3. And developer testing
It is just because developer tests facilitate
  • software reliability
  • code modifications
  • keeping code entropy at bay through documentation
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Continuous Integration

If you have not know about this thing, you should do a search on Google.

BTW, here is three things about CI
  1. An automated build process with a platform like Ant or Maven for example.
  2. A code repository, like Subversion
  3. A CI server such as Hudson, CruiseControl, LuntBuild, etc, although a cron job can suffice.
Sound interest? Fix me :-)

It has already been apply at Global CyberSoft !

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Tips for Effective Meeting

Eight tips for Effective Meeting
  1. Schedule only necessary meetings.
  2. Eliminate status meetings or reduce their frequency.
  3. Create an agenda.
  4. Prepare for how you want to run the meeting, not just what you want to cover.
  5. Review agenda and objectives at the beginning of the meeting.
  6. Encourage participation with active listening.
  7. Give a recap at the end of the meeting.
  8. Deliver meeting minutes in a reasonable time.
Follow this, and you will see the difference.

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Dec 27, 2007

Welcome to my life

Welcome someone out there. This is my new life beside Y!360, Y!Mash, MS Live, Facebook...

What make a life a life? Wait and see, this page is more about technology

Have fun.