Jul 27, 2008

How To Create DirectX (.X) file

Using Tools
  • Get yourself a program named TrueSpace or Milkshape, which can export Models into this format (and create them)
  • Get a Plug in for any other 3D modeler (Maya Plugin and others are included with the DirectX9 SDK)
  • Create 3DS Files using almost Any Modeler (3DS is more or less a standard format) and use the Program supplied with the SDK to convert it into .X format
  • Open the File in WordPad and u can create/modify them, since they are not stored in any compressed/unreadable format (although for this u need to know how the file is build)
  1. Create the mesh
  2. Lock the vertex buffer and copy your vertices into it
  3. Lock the index bufer and copy indices into it
  4. Save it to a file

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