Jul 19, 2008

Collaborative Development Environment at GCS

Collaboration is an element of every engineering domain. In software development, collaboration is very helpful and a powerful weapon for improving quality; how we communicate, how we share knowledge among team, how we keep understanding each other, it all depends on collaboration.

Today, we use many tools to support the collaboration such as email, instant messaging, chat rooms, discussion groups, and Wikis… Collaboration among teams is already facilitated through the use of an increasing number of features embedded in standard desktop products such as office suites, where there is ample support for shared document reviews, distribution of documents among teams, and mechanisms for performing common collaborative tasks. In a very practical sense these tools provide the baseline of collaboration functionality for today’s software developers.

At Global CyberSoft (GCS) we have CDE and more than CDE, it is Collaborative Development and Management Environment (CDME) hehehe , so why not join GCS to have an interesting software engineering career (without code like a )

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