Jun 20, 2009


Last few years, when I first saw the LinkedIn, I thought it is just another tools for social network. I registered an account and left it unupdate. Until last year, I received many update information and started thinking of LinkedIn. I updated my profile, connected people, created a page for GCS, and tried my best to get more connections. But I'm just an employee I don't see full of its benefits.
Recently, after I accepted a connection from friend, the issue has begun to rise. Many of my friends left GCS because of xxx reason. I don't know why but after talking to HR, I saw that it's a really difficult situation. Our HR is still using the old ways of recruitment.
I think that GCS and our management is too old and we don't catch up the trend effectively. It took times to let our manager know that the trend is really the trend. LinkedIn has recently raised up and with other social network tools, you can build up the relationship as easy as you want not as hard as the old way we did.
Let me think about it more clearly...


Update them cai nay nua, moi doc duoc tu 1 list cac technologies nhung thay cai nay co ve nhu la 1 strategic solution. Ma khong biet GCS co xem no nhu strategic khong nua
Social Media Becomes Strategic
"Social media is not new to any of us, but we are not using it as strategically as we can. In 2009 expect more businesses to use social media as a way to communicate with customers. While web sites and email newsletters are still important communication tools social media tools as a standard (not exception) communication tool will increase.
For example, more people will be aware of Twitter (beyond just geeks) and start to use it to receive information from businesses they want to keep in touch with. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding connections, but users often under-utilize it. In a recent conference, almost 80% of the hands went up that they were LinkedIn users and the same hands stayed up that they really didn’t know what to do with LinkedIn.
It is important that you learn as much as you can about enhancing your use of social media in order to network with other businesses, find new customers and better communicate with existing customers."

Final point
1. I know what is LinkedIn and its benefits but I've tried but can't do anything to help my GCS
2. I know Twitter but still confuse in its usage and benefits. Maybe it is just for marketing purpose, something like marketing campaign or product selling.
3. I know Facebook and currently get some ideas on its benefits to GCS :-)
4. Cau noi hay nhat trong ngay: You must be online and visible if you want to thrive and beat your competition

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