Dec 23, 2008

Holiday Calendar in Outlook for Vietnam company

The following is how to create holiday list and add it into Outlook calendar for the year 2009

1. Create a file with extension .HOL (i.e. outlook.hol) with following contents
[GCS] 10
New Year's Day,2009/1/1
Independence Day,2009/4/30
Christmas Day,2009/12/25
International Labor Day,2009/5/1
National Day,2009/9/2
Lunar New Year Eve,2009/1/25
Lunar New Year Day 1,2009/1/26
Lunar New Year Day 2,2009/1/27
Lunar New Year Day 3,2009/1/28
Hung Kings Commemorative Holiday,2009/4/4
2. Double click on the file to import the holiday list into Outlook, just do it one time.

Have fun.

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