Nov 16, 2008

Enable exFAT in Windows XP/2003

To enable exFAT (which is a new file system type introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista), you need to copy the two files uexfat.dll and exfat.sys located under System32 folder and System32/Drivers folder into correspond folder of Windows XP/2003

Create the following registry file "enable-exfat.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Description"="exFAT File System Driver"
"DisplayName"="exFAT File System Driver"
"Group"="Boot File System"


Run the file to import it into registry.
Restart your PC and the exFAT will be enabled



Unknown said...

Thanks for the writeup

Anonymous said...

Even better, Windows XP users can now download the KB955704 update that Microsoft released in late January 2009 that adds exFAT support onto Windows XP SP2/SP3.

stirbu said...

don't work this on windows 2003