Jun 7, 2008

How to disable autocorrect function in iPhone

If you have used the iPhone, you'll see the autocorrect/predict text function is very annoyned (for VNese text)

To disable this,

Edit the file /Applications/Preferences.app/Keyboard.plist and add following line











<string>Enable Autocorrection</string>


The Keyboard.plist is in binary format, you need to convert it into XML and then edit and then convert it back to binary format. Use the following URL for doing such conversion

- Online: http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml

- Offline (need to have PERL): http://scw.us/iPhone/plutil

After all, go to the Keyboard setting and turn off the Autocorrect function.

For iPhone 2.0, you basically rename whatever dictionary file you want to disable the autocorrect function for:

  • start Mobile Terminal (or use SSH)
  • become root using su (the password is alpine)
  • cd /System/Library/TextInput/
  • mv TextInput_en.bundle TextInput_en_bak.bundle (for English)
  • The autocorrect feature for English should now be disabled

Have fun

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