Apr 15, 2008

Software Domain for Career Development - Business Software

If you have not seen the list of software domain, find in my previous post
In this post, I'm going to show the roadmap, for involving into Business Software development.

As in Business Software domain, there may have many way for you to go, such as an ERP system, HRM system, CRM system, the system here is mostly to support the business process in an Enterprise.

Some hot applications today can be listed out here are
  • SAP: this is an all in one business solution for ERP includes Finance, Human Resource, Project Management, Training, Employee Portal...
  • SharePoint: this is an enterprise portal developed by Microsoft and its provide many functionalities such as Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Records Center, Content Management System...
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: this is a Business application of Microsoft
  • BizTalk: this is a bridge for connecting LOB application developed by Microsoft
  • Surgar CRM: an open-source Customer Relationship Management system
  • Oracle
For this domain, I think we should not develop a new one but study some existing, because they've developed for long times and DO YOU WANT TO RE-INVENT the same thing?

The three important applications I think you could focus is SAP, SharePoint, BizTalk
  1. SAP: to get involve with SAP, you should have some basic knowledge in a specified business domain such as Finance, Human Resource, Projects...If you want to involve into the Basis core of the SAP, you should have following knowledge
    • J2EE
    • Web Application
    • Basic ABAP
    • Database such as MSSQL, DB2,...
    • OS: Windows Server, Linux
  2. SharePoint: the SharePoint is rather simpler than SAP, but you should familiar with Microsoft Technologies such as
    • .NET 2.0, Web Parts, Workflow
    • Web Services
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Some SharePoint techs: Sites, Lists, Contents...
    • Excel Services
    • Forms Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Windows Server
  3. BizTalk: this is a integration solution from Microsoft, allows you to integrate your LOBs together. You should know
    • Database techs: MSSQL, DB2, Oracle...
    • Web Services
    • .NET 2.0
    • Workflow
Correct me if something wrong :-)

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